Taking Applications:

award-iconWe are taking all applications for the Fighter of the Year and the Andrea Gianopoulos Memorial Scholarship. Deadline is September 1st. Go to the top of the page and click on “Give or Receive” then on the drop down click on “Why We Give”. That will give you the applications. Fill out and submit. Sometimes you do not get a response but 99% of the time we do receive them.


One thought on “Taking Applications:

  1. Hi I’m Michelle and my mother in law has this I watch her struggle everyday wil this sickness . I’m not gonna lie at first I thought it was just for attention or to be lazy but as time went on I would go to the doctor appointments with her and listen to what they would say and it was all true she’s beautiful on the outside but very sick on the inside I try to help an be there for her as much as possible the rest of our family don’t understand sometimes make fun and laugh just because she looks good on the outside how do we make them understand ? Were a family one one is hurt were suppose to confort them not make fun plleassse help

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