Caring for someone with RSD

Welcome to the Fighting 4 Us Caregivers page.  As Andrea’s family, we understand the great need for loving and caring support.

This page is for those who have dedicated their lives to a loved one suffering from RSD.  A page to connect with one another, to offer support, to comfort each other.

A page to honor and thank those who give without expecting anything in return.

Please use this safe place to reach out, for you are not alone.

3 thoughts on “Caring for someone with RSD

  1. Gus and leslie,I have spoken with you Leslie one time awhile back and you told me Andrea’s story.God Bless all of you! I’am a Mom of a daughter who suffers from rSd,she is 37 and has 2 children.Stacey is mostly bedridden as she cannot walk.She gets ketamine infusions and has been for 2 years now.She was a patient of Dr Schwartzman’s until he retired last month.I’am writing to you because at this time my heart is breaking.Seems as though all our family no longer wants to support Stacey and it breaks my heart.And I don’t understand any of it.No one calls her anymore,noone comes to visit her or my most precious Grandchildren.How does this happen?How can they give up on her like this?Leslie,I’m so sorry for writing this as I know you and your family are still in such great pain,I just don’t know what else I can do?If you have any ideas would you please share them with me.i WILL NRVER GIVE UP On My MOST BEAUTIFUL STACEY!!!!! Thank-you so very much. Love,Barb

  2. My Daughter Ashley Loucks just received a call indicating she was first choice for a scholarship. We were so surprised since it had been such a long time since she applied for this scholarship. When the call came in our family was just discussing weather or not Ashley should get another pain block. This one is at the cervical site and is the most painful shot to receive. The benefits have been minimal as she remains in pain daily. I pray for that one shot that will shut down her nervous system and reboot it into remission. She is such a special and beautiful young women with so many goals and dreams. It kills me. I find her to be a strong woman. As she fights for her College education and has not missed one day this semester until this last Friday when every symptom you can have hit her all at once. So your call today helped put a smile on her face today. My husband would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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