The Andrea Gianopoulos Memorial Scholarship

Andrea dreamed of going to college from the time she was a little girl and she was determined not to let RSD interfer with that dream. While in college Andrea and a group of friends began Fighting4us to help others who suffer from the illness. Her final work for college was to research and apply for federal tax exemption status for Fighting4us, she succeded with the first applicaton. Andrea graduated from Hood College in 2005.

Because education was so important to Andrea and becasue she knew only to well the struggle to continue your education while fighting RSD we have started a $1,000 memorial scholarship in her name. Along with the $1000.00 scholarship two $500.00 scholarships are also available. To be eligable for the scholarship, applicants must be diagnosed with RSD and going on to post secondary education. The scholarship will be awarded to an applicant choosen by members of the board of directors.

Deadline is:

Please fill out the following information. Please understand that we are unable to guarantee the security of sensitive information transmitted via this form. While we have never had a problem to date, if you would prefer to give us the information in another format, you are welcome to contact us and do so.


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