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  1. Hello. I would like to nominate my child for your fighter of the year award. My child, Caleb, was diagnosed with RSD when he was nine years old. He is now 21. Over the last 12 years, Caleb’s RSD has spread throughout his body. It has affected his health in many ways. In the last year, Caleb lost his vision and is slowly losing his hearing. The doctors are unsure if these losses are directly related to the RSD, but believe there may be a connection.
    Caleb has experienced many tragedies in his young life. He has had the experience of losing several friends to suicide; some RSD related, some not. Instead of giving in, he has stood up and gotten involved. Caleb volunteers and offers support to fellow young people, in our community, who are dealing with various challenges. In the last year, despite being disabled, Caleb has moved into his own apartment and fallen in love. It gives me great joy to see him living his life to the fullest; despite all of the challenges he faces. Caleb is the strongest person I know. Just watching him reminds me to keep going every day. I am very proud to call Caleb my son. He is and had always been a fighter to me. I hope you will consider him for Fighter of the Year.
    Teresa Toner
    (Caleb’s proud mom)

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