Get In Your Applications.

large-logoWe are looking for more applications for this year.
We are taking applications for the Fighter of the Year and the Andrea Gianopoulos Memorial Scholarship.
Closing will be December 24th.
Go to top of home page.
Click on Give or Receive, click on Why We Give.
This will take you to the applications.


Sorry for all the confusion on the applications. They are found under the “Give or Receive” tag at the top of the home page. After you fill an application hit send. Right now the site does not tell you it has been sent. Please wait a few day and if you do not get a response from F4U try again. We will check our e-mail every day and send a e-mail confirming receipt. Thank yoularge-logo

4th of July

4th of July

F4U will be at Family Day at Musser Park in Lancaster on July 4th with a concession stand. Stop by and get lunch or a cool drink. The good folks at Kegels Produce, Turkey Hill and Giant all contribute to making this a success for Fighting 4 US.