Award Winners

award-iconHere are this years award winners for the Fighter of the Year and the Andrea Gianopoulos Memorial Scholarship.

Fighter of the Year, 3 given out. Madison P. of Arkansa, RSD diagnosis January of 2009. Lives at home and does school online. Desiree L. of PA, RSD diagnosis April 2011, lives at home and her motto says it all, “carry on and stay strong”. Nicole T. of Mass, RSD diagnosis January of 2008, lives with her mother and has a service dog.

Andrea Gianopoulos Memorial Scholarship, 3 given out. Ashley L. of NY, RSD diagnosis, May 2011 and is attending college in NY. Payton W. of OK, RSD diagnosis March 2006 and is attending college in OK. Jennifer B. of NC, RSD diagnosis September 1999 and is attending college in NC.


large-logoFighting4US is pleased to announce the dates for the┬ánext Fighter of the Year Award and the Andrea Gianopoulos Memorial Scholarship. Beginning today, July 22nd to September 1st, 2013 we will be taking your applications. Go to the top of the home page and click on Give or Receive and go to “Why We Give”. Both of the applications can be found here. Those of you who have already sent in your application we have then on file. The Fighter of the Year and Andrea Gianopoulos Scholarship recipents will ba announced October 14th, 2013, Columbus Day.

4th of July Success

Ready to go!Our 4th annual 4th of July concession stand at Musser Park was a great success. Fighting4Us had a good number of friends manning the stand during the day. Hot dogs and hamburgers were a hit with everyone. Thanks to all that attended.

York Tech Culinary

York tech Culinary

Well, my culinary arts students did it again. In one day in May, they collected $295.00 in tips and donations right under me. While the students were running the restaurant, they asked for donations for Fighting 4 US. It seems that everyone knew about it except me. I had the privilege of teaching a great bunch of young people. Best of luck to all of them.

4th of July

4th of July

F4U will be at Family Day at Musser Park in Lancaster on July 4th with a concession stand. Stop by and get lunch or a cool drink. The good folks at Kegels Produce, Turkey Hill and Giant all contribute to making this a success for Fighting 4 US.