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  1. Our Daughter Jami Cardenas started off a very shy girl, until CRPS was diagnosed in 2009. Three years prior she was in & out of a walking boot and no understanding as to why she was in so much pain to walk. After seeing her primary care, referrals to childrens in Denver to see the arthritis team & then on to the pain team for the final diagnosis of CRPS where we were told it was rare. After further research, we found a local non profit organization called Ferocious Fighters and created by Patrick Boland at the age of 9. Jami is very much a part of this organization by being in the different aged chat groups along with Patrick to help welcome and comfort any and all new children that find Ferocious Fighters. She is also at every creation day that is held by Ferocious Fighters to create care packages of blankets, tshirts, note books, rice bags, key chaines, jamberry nail wraps, bumper stickers and a personalized letter by Patrick himself.
    Without Ferocious Fighters, Patrick Boland & his family Jami would not have known how to deal with CRPS herself let alone get other children to see that they are not alone. Be able to get them talking about the good & bad days that takes away so much of their childhood.

    Jami ( now 14) is one of the most amazing young ladies due to this horrible diease. From dealing with the rejection from peers and some teachers at school, to helping other kiddos by phone, text, facebook and instgram. Her most recent set back in Aug 2016 has been the first fare in two limbs at the same time from her hips down to both feet. This making daily function hard and backing down to homebound school as walking is very difficult. Now dont get me wrong walking is difficult but she in no way just sits around, thats just not in her vocab. Walking every hour even if just around the kitchen table, hot baths with epsom salts, lots of vitamins daily and LDN (low dose Naltrexone) also help. This flare however for her just wont go away, normally reducing stress, exercise and Ferocious Fighters talk groups have just not helped taken Jami out of this as of Dec 2016 and now heading into the 2017 year. Pain staying at or above a 6 out of 10.

    I would actually like to nominate Patrick Boland with where you can read about his journey ( I can provide all family details if considered)as a Surprise
    and my daughter Jami Cardenas. For their individual strength and giving back to there peers who also fight CRPS.
    I (Trista) am on the board of directors for Ferocious Fighters.

    Ed and Trista Cardenas
    Thornton, Colorado
    720 335 1009
    Thank you for your time

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